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Delivering sustainability and climate resilience through our portfolio of systemic impact ventures

Pioneering a Sustainable Future for Our Planet.

At Additive Earth, we are committed to creating a sustainable future through launching and scaling a portfolio of systemic ESG impact ventures. Our approach integrates cutting-edge technology, innovative economic models, and collaborative partnerships to address critical climate and nature challenges. By launching multiple ventures concurrently, we aim to drive rapid and significant change, focusing on systemic interventions in areas such as river health, sustainable aquaculture, and eco-friendly materials.

Our mission is to foster resilience, protect ecosystems, and empower communities, ensuring that our planet thrives for generations to come. With a dedicated focus on getting society back on plan, we are accelerating impactful solutions to meet urgent climate and nature goals.

Addressing Critical Blockers with Groundbreaking Solutions

Integrated and Scalable Interventions.

Our ventures tackle the issue of fragmented interventions by developing coordinated efforts that address multiple factors simultaneously. This integrated approach ensures that changes are comprehensive and mobilised effectively.

Additionally, we invest in mechanisms that enable viable solutions to achieve impactful scale, ensuring that innovations can grow and reach their full potential.

Bridging the Funding Gap with Sustainable Economics.

While there is ample funding for bankable projects, early-stage development often lacks support. creates funding pathways that bridge this gap, ensuring continuous growth from inception to maturity.

Furthermore, we implement sustainable economic models that ensure long-term revenue-based viability and strong investor returns, transforming good intentions into practical, lasting solutions.

Fostering Shared Responsibility through Technology.

Different sectors often operate in silos, focusing on personal goals rather than systemic solutions. Our ventures foster a sense of shared responsibility across sectors, promoting collaboration for comprehensive impact.

We utilise advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, and big data to enhance nature-based solutions, ensuring that technology is effectively leveraged to maximise environmental benefits.

Urgency and Action for Environmental Challenges.

The climate and nature challenges require prompt and innovative responses.’s ventures are designed to instill a sense of urgency, implementing new models and strategies that address these issues swiftly and effectively.

By promoting a proactive and agile approach, we ensure timely interventions that drive significant environmental and societal benefits.

Forging the Future with Impact-Driven Partnerships

At, our success is built on the strength of our partnerships. By collaborating with industry leaders, the public sector and academic institutions, we amplify our impact and drive meaningful change. Our partnerships are typically three-way—science-based private/public collaborations that bring specialised expertise, advanced technologies, and a shared commitment to sustainability, enhancing our ability to deliver innovative and effective solutions.



Our partnership with Siemens provides our robust digital infrastructure and advanced data science capabilities, facilitating real-time data collection and analysis for comprehensive monitoring. Their support is crucial in enhancing the reliability and scalability of our solutions.

"We at Siemens are proud to partner with in developing their innovative solutions. Additive Catchments will revolutionise environmental monitoring and water resource management. This game-changing ‘as a service’ model is set to significantly impact sustainability, efficiency, and decision-making for various industries."
Adam Cartwright - Global Industry Strategy Director, Water - Siemens


AtkinsRéalis brings global expertise in infrastructure programme management, specialising in integrated catchment planning. Serving as the principal designer within our water quality consortium, AtkinsRéalis plays a crucial role in our innovative solutions.

"AtkinsRéalis is proud to partner with, who are at the forefront of the environmental monitoring era. Their innovative catchment monitoring solution will transform environmental monitoring and we see immense international market potential."
Gwion Kennard, Director of Digital Engineering, AtkinsRéalis

Galliford Try PLC

Galliford Try is the largest construction contractor in the UK and plays a crucial role in our venture delivery. Their extensive experience in infrastructure projects ensures that our installations are executed proficiently and maintained to the highest standards. With their expertise, we can confidently implement and manage complex environmental monitoring systems that meet rigorous industry requirements.

"Galliford Try is thrilled to partner with Additive is truly paving the way for a more sustainable future."
Steve Slessor, Managing Director,
Galliford Try - Environment Business


We are an ISV Partner of Mendix, a Siemens business, which supports the rapid development and deployment of our innovative solutions through their low-code platform, enabling us to leverage big data and IoT capabilities effectively.
" using our low-code platform, paves the way for many applications serving diverse sectors and use cases worldwide – ranging from water management and nature-based solutions to insurance. This approach optimises value and impact and we take pride in partnering with Additive on this essential journey."
Tim Srock, CEO, Mendix - A Siemens Business
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Venture 1

Additive catchments

Transforming River Health through Advanced Monitoring and AI.

At Additive Catchments, our vision is to revolutionise how society makes decisions in nature. Our mission is to improve global river health through advanced monitoring and understanding. Our markets include water companies, government, agriculture, food supply chains, nature-based solution monitoring, and insurance.

Our innovative approach integrates IoT sensors, AI, big data, arcGIS, business intelligence, SCADA, and ERP systems to monitor rivers that underpin ecosystems and carbon landscapes. We have a global geographic plan and are supported by delivery partners such as Siemens, AtkinsRéalis, Galliford Try PLC, and the University of Plymouth. Our five-year targets include monitoring 5% of the world’s rivers, significantly improving water quality and ecosystem health.

Venture 2

Additive Aquaculture

Revolutionising Sustainable Ocean Farming and Bioproducts

Additive Aquaculture is dedicated to revolutionising sustainable ocean farming and the production of bioproducts. Our mission is to develop seaweed biorefineries that drive sustainable ocean farming practices. 

The emerging seaweed biomass market, projected to reach $12 billion by 2030, includes sectors such as biofuels, bioplastics, animal feed, textiles, alternative proteins, cosmetics, and biostimulants.

Our geographic focus spans coastal regions globally, particularly in developing countries. With delivery partners such as Siemens, WWF, The Crown Estate, four universities, and Hatch Innovation Services.

Venture 3

Coming Soon...

Unlocking New Frontiers in Environmental Innovation

Get ready for our next groundbreaking venture that will further enhance our mission to drive sustainability and resilience through innovative solutions. While details are still under wraps, we can share that this new initiative will build upon our successful models and expand into new areas of environmental impact. Our third venture is set to revolutionise another critical aspect of ecological health, leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships to deliver unprecedented results.

With a focus on global reach, we aim to expand our footprint and drive sustainable practices worldwide. Stay connected with us for updates on this exciting new chapter in our journey towards a sustainable future and be the first to learn about how we are continuing to accelerate society’s response to the climate and nature emergency.

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