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About Our Work

At, we are dedicated to accelerating the journey to sustainability through a portfolio of for-profit subsidiaries. As an asset-locked non-profit organisation, our innovative approach addresses critical environmental challenges by launching multiple ventures simultaneously. This strategy creates a powerful flywheel effect, driving rapid and scalable solutions for nature and climate.

Working with Us

We are on a mission to revolutionise society’s response to the climate and nature emergency. Our team is committed to developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions that promote environmental sustainability, resilience, and equitable growth. By fostering strategic partnerships and leveraging advanced technology, we aim to create a healthier planet for future generations. Join us in making a significant impact on the environment and society.

Our Values

At, we believe in building a world-class team and creating jobs with purpose. Our values reflect our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and integrity:

  • Collaborative Innovation: We explore creative solutions together, continuously evolving to provide top-tier products and services.
  • Emotional Intelligence: We prioritise understanding and managing emotions to strengthen our collective performance and relationships.
  • Integrity: We uphold transparency, honesty, and accountability in all our actions.
  • Adaptability: We thrive on continuous learning and adapting to changes, ensuring our journey towards a sustainable future remains dynamic.

We also believe in paying people well for their work, recognising the value each team member brings to our mission.

Current Vacancies

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