Presents at Fishmongers Company’s “Aquaculture for a Thriving Future” Conference

On 30th November, Rob Passmore, CEO of, delivered an insightful presentation at the “Aquaculture for a Thriving Future” conference, hosted by the Fishmongers’ Company in London. This dynamic, one-day event aimed to highlight the investment potential in nature-positive shellfish and seaweed farming, and it brought together professionals, policymakers, researchers, aqua farmers, and industry experts to discuss and strategise the acceleration of low-trophic aquaculture in the UK.

Nature-Positive Aquaculture: A Pathway to Sustainability

Rob Passmore’s presentation, titled “Additive Aquaculture,” focused on the transformative potential of seaweed aquaculture in addressing environmental and economic challenges. Seaweed farming, as he highlighted, offers a sustainable solution to reduce reliance on petrochemical-sourced ingredients across multiple sectors, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, agriculture, and biofuels.

Key Highlights from the Presentation:

  1. Seaweed Aquaculture in Numbers:

    • Rob presented compelling statistics showcasing the growing demand for seaweed products in Europe, emphasising the sector’s economic viability and environmental benefits.
  2. Market Potential in Europe and the UK:

    • He explored the burgeoning market opportunities for seaweed in Europe and the UK, projecting the potential to establish a £1 billion per annum seaweed sector in the UK. This growth could position the UK as a global leader in sustainable aquaculture.
  3. Overcoming Challenges:

    • Addressing the current barriers to biomass supply and market demand, Rob outlined the strategic framework of the Aquaculture Enterprise Zones (AEZ) programme. This initiative aims to streamline the regulatory processes and encourage investment in seaweed farming.
  4. Cascading Seaweed Biorefinery:

    • One of the innovative concepts introduced was the cascading seaweed biorefinery, which maximises the utilisation of seaweed biomass for various high-value products, enhancing the economic and environmental impact of seaweed aquaculture.

Engaging with Key Stakeholders

The conference provided a platform for robust discussions on the future of aquaculture in the UK. Dr. Eleanor Adamson, Fisheries Programme Manager at the Fishmongers’ Company, emphasised the importance of collaboration among professionals, policymakers, and industry experts to accelerate low-trophic aquaculture. The event also featured a panel discussion on the opportunities, challenges, and collaboration prospects in the UK’s aquaculture sector, offering diverse perspectives from science, finance, government, and marine industries.

Looking Forward: A Thriving Future for Aquaculture

Rob Passmore’s presentation underscored the strategic goal of accelerating biomass production to displace petrochemical-sourced ingredients, promoting sustainability across various sectors. By leveraging the AEZ programme and fostering innovation in seaweed farming, aims to contribute significantly to food security, climate resilience, and economic growth in the UK.

Quote from Rob Passmore: “Our vision is to harness the immense potential of seaweed aquaculture to create a sustainable and economically viable industry in the UK. By collaborating with stakeholders and embracing innovative technologies, we can achieve significant environmental benefits and drive substantial economic growth.” – Rob Passmore, CEO of

Further Reading:

For more details on the “Aquaculture for a Thriving Future” conference and to access the full programme agenda and presentations, visit the Fishmongers’ Company conference page.

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Presentation Link: To view Rob Passmore’s full presentation, click here.

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